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          Global dealmakers: cross-border M&A outlook for 2019 and beyond

          Global dealmakers: cross-border M&A outlook for 2019 and beyond

          In the first half of 2019 (H1 2019), global merger and acquisition (M&A) value reached $1.86 trillion, increasing 21 percent from H2 2018 ($1.5 trillion). Although this was 8 percent less than the H1 2018 ($2 trillion in announced deals), it was the second-highest half year on record.

          Likewise, while M&A volumes have slowed – declining 12 percent from H1 and H2 2019 to some of the lowest levels since 2015 – viewed within the historical context, dealmaking remains robust and it could continue to be so into the year ahead.

          To take the pulse of the current M&A market and get a sense of executive and investor intentions for 2019 and the year ahead, 天职国际 随着进行的研究 并购市场 来自世界各地的采访150个交易撮合者。一些重要的发现包括:

          • 54% predict an increase in M&A activity in 2020
          • 71% expect to increase their cross-border M&A spend in 2020 despite heightened geopolitical risks, rising protectionism and whispers of a recession
          • 35% 感觉跨境交易是值得冒险
          • 中间市场预计占 67% 在2020年处理量
          • 美国哪里是市场顶部交易商将投资在未来1 - 2年

          The full report explores current trends and challenges shaping the global market for M&A, while also exploring opportunity areas where dealmakers are likely to find value in the year ahead, including key growth markets and hot sectors. All of this is in an effort to provide a roadmap and practical insights for dealmakers to consider into 2020 and beyond.


          ”The trends and insights highlighted in the Global dealmakers: Cross-border M&A outlook 2019 report very much reflect our observations at 天职 Virchow Krause, LLP. We continue to see an uptick in cross-border deal activity and robust transaction activity in the U.S., with private equity leading the way. Deals are still being priced to perfection, which is requiring more rigorous quality of earnings, tax, IT, operational and legal due diligence. That said, regulatory requirements and cultural differences will frequently derail cross-border transactions. Participants need to anticipate these issues before diving in too deep.”
          查普曼法案,寻找合作伙伴 - 天职啸克劳斯,北美企业融资铅 - 贝克国际蒂利

          关于这一主题的更多信息,或了解天华会计师事务所的专家如何帮助, 联系我们的团队.


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